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Getting Started

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Welcome to the Eyemark Bounty Program! We are excited that you have decided to join our community of citizens who are committed to tracking government projects and making a difference. The Eyemark Bounty Program is a solution that incentivizes users to contribute to the platform by discovering new government projects, verifying existing information, or providing additional information and updates.

How to Participate

To get started with the Eyemark Bounty Program, you will need to ensure you’ve done the following:

  1. Sign up for an account on the Eyemark platform. You can do that by visiting
  2. Join our Telegram Community. This is where we share relevant information and updates on bounties. You can join the community by clicking on this link
  3. Register to be a part of the Eyemark Bounty system. We need the information to identify you as one of our bounty hunters 🤠 and also pay you your rewards. You can register by clicking this link
  4. You’re all set to go. Now head here to view available bounties in your state and start hunting! 🏹. Available Bounties
  5. When you have gotten the required data for the Bounty. You can submit on this link
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How to Submit

To place your submission for a bounty, make sure you have fulfilled and gotten all data required as itemised on the bounty, these include a review of the project, location, contractor details etc. This would vary per bounty, some bounties might require one or two, and some might require all. Once you have all data necessary for the submission of your bounty. Visit this link to place your submission.

🚨 Ensure you use the same email associated with your Eyemark account during the submission

Claiming Rewards

Reward Criteria

Once your submission has been verified, and you have the best submission in your bounty category, you will be eligible to claim your reward.

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Receiving Rewards

Rewards will be paid as badges or cash, depending on what is specified on your bounty page. You will receive your reward within a 7 days timeframe after your submission has been declared the winner in your category. For cash rewards, you will receive the cash in the account you specified during registration

Links & FAQs

Relevant Links

Here are some relevant links that will help you get started with the Eyemark Bounty Program:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)